About Us/Sobre Nosotros

School Profile

The Hon. Luis Muñoz Marín Elementary School is located in the Fairhill section of Philadelphia on 3300 North 3rd Street. We are a Title I dual-language school serving students from Pre-K through 8th grade. Our school provides a holistic educational experience that pushes all students towards academic excellence and social responsibility.
Our school community offers a variety of supports and programs that promote academic and behavioral advancement for all students. Muñoz-Marín also supports students’ creativity and expression through the arts and peer interactions.


Some of the Programs Offered Are:

Ballroom Dancing with the Stars
Read to Me
CHOP Partnership
Sports Programs
Dual-Language Classrooms K-5
Second Step (Social Emotional Learning)
Special Education
Math Intervention
Physical Education
Weekly Town Hall
City Year


Who was the Honorable Luis Muñoz Marín?

José Luis Alberto Muñoz Marín, (February 18, 1898 – April 30, 1980), regarded as the “father of modern Puerto Rico,” was a poet, journalist and politician.

He was the first democratically elected Governor of Puerto Rico. He worked with the U.S. Congress towards the creation of a Constitution, which was a key element to change the status of Puerto Rico to Estado Libre Asociado or “commonwealth.” He was re-elected three times, serving a total of sixteen years as Governor.